Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Truth cannot be contained!  The world is finally realizing that weather modification is real and a dangerous weapon.  My friends in Texas have mentioned that the weather has been talking about how different this summer has been with temperatures in the 90s and rain, so the question has been where has HAARP been training its sights.



Now the mystery is solved.

This also explains the heat-wave running a stripe across DC and the east coast (which you should expect to end soon as HAARP is redirected away from Iran).   The HAARP energy is bounced off the upper atmosphere and onto its target (in this case Iran) but there's always a risk that residual energy will skip along the envelope and land elsewhere along the trajectory, and that's what we see in the above diagram.


I find it interesting that a country once blaming earthwuakes on buxom breasts doing excessive bouncing have been able to figure this out so quickly.  I suspect that the Chinese (who are also doing their own HAARP-type weapon development) probably tipped them off.

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