Sunday, December 11, 2011

Obama says he doesn't contol the weather..

See Drudge Report link HERE

""You know what? A good captain would have had us in some smooth waters and sunny skies, at this point." And I don't control the weather."

What a lame response to what we know to be true... like his other lame responses to getting caught in other scandals like the Fast and Furious (which, incidentally, also largely targeted Texas).

Mr. President, you'd be more credible if you came clean.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Obama all but confesses...

Like Osama before him, Obama is now crowing about using HAARP to attack Texas.. HERE

“You’ve got a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change. It’s true."
Do you remember how Osama would hint and talk around his involvement in 9/11?  Remember how he would boast but always keep from saying it directly so his supporters could continue to deny his involvement?  Do you see the pattern?

I think it is obvious, HAARP has been, and continues to be, responsible and is doing so at his direction.

Will you be a Targetted Texas denier or embrace the truth?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

HAARP activity Louisanna to New York

In one of the most brazen examples of HAARP weather control, I give you a directed "drying out" of the east coast.  On order from the highest levels, HAAP was directed to stop the steady influx of rain into the east coast that's causing all the flooding - note that this steady influx of rain is a direct result of HAARP blocking rain in Texas which forced weather patterns east.  Look at all the HAARP 'rings' caught on RADAR showing a parallel line of influenct  - how obvious can you be.

I guess if you're on the east coast, you can expect clearing by the end of the weekend.  Perhaps HAARP will stop messing with Texas, now that they've had "blow back"

Friday, September 9, 2011

Test of HAARP defensive shield prototype takes down power grid

Did anyone notice the power outage in southern California?  Does anyone remember that this area was the test side early this year for the prototype defensive shield against HAARP technology - as witnessed by many reports of a glowing dome-shaped aura (a similar aura was observed over Bejiing just a few weeks ago - hinting that China has their own prototype)?
Day-time testing doesn't create an observable aura.. just saying.  You put it together.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book link

Book: Angels don't play this HAARP

"The Truth is out there!"

How much more evidence do you need?  HAARP is so confident they can dismiss any criticism, they leave the data right there in the open.

Also, take a look at this video... ( correlate what she caught in her analysis with what I was telling you at the same time (8/15/2011).  In the succeeding week, while Irene was running up the east coast, Texas suddenly experiences the hottest days all summer.   I also received this from my friend in Texas...

Just wanted to give you a quick update.  Over the weekend it got hot.. really hot.  What is new is that I'm seeing huge (hundreds of feet tall) 'dust devils'.  You can see them from miles away.  They look like strange smoke plumes (they go straight up and don't drift like smoke) from a distance but when you get close you see what at first you think is a brush pile burning, and then you realize its not fire, its an intenst whirlwind picking up the dirt.
Of course, we have dust devils when its hot, that's not unusual.  What is HIGHLY unusual is that they don't move.  I've observed ten so far that were still intact when I drove to their location and they don't move.. they just go away after 10 minutes or more.  A usual dust-devil is like the swirl made behind a canoe.. the vortex spins along a path until it looses its energy and disappears.  These dirt-devils should be dancing across the prarie.. not stationary.  That's simply NOT natural!
Its also not natural for them to look like tornadoes.  The 'smoke' column I see in the distance is the actual funnel of the dust devil.  There is no telling how high the eddie goes up into the sky because you lose the column in the bright blue cloudless sky.  I don't usually see a dust devil taller than 40 feet!
I've been trying to catch them today on film, but they seem to be dissolving much faster than this weekend and by the time I get there, the column is too faint to show up clearly in a picture.  If I get a video or pic, I'll send it.   Take care.. you'll be freezing your backside soon enough up there.
And so it goes.....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not a bubble - a Defense Shield

At great risk, I will attempt this entry as this is too important to miss.  What is pictured here is a defense shield.. a similar shield was being constructed north of Tokyo to defend Japan against HAARP weather manipulation and mantle manipulation*, and they had a convenient earthquake that took their reactor offline (talk about collateral damage!) - the very reactor which would power their defense shield - before they could activate it.

A similar shield was tested within the US in California with a similar visual artifact.
Bejing was apparently able to build a similar defense shield against HAARP in secret and activated it (right after Biden's return.. I wonder what he said to alarm them) to prevent another convienient earthquake!

If we, on the project, were unaware of the Chinese development of the defense shield, could we also be unaware of a co-development of their own HAARP weapon?  Could the earthquake in Colorado and Virginia be them simply ranging in their own HAARP.. preparing to 'fire for effect' on the eastern seaboard?  Will we be blackmailed with our own technology?!?

I ask you to examine the facts.  Look at the USGS maps for the earthquakes and ask yourself these questions..
1) Why are all the quakes centralized on the same location?
2) Why are there so few aftershocks?
3) Why don't the aftershocks that do occur happen along a fault line instead of one on top of the other?

If these questions don't disturb you.. go back to sleep.

It was all good fun to torment Texas.. how will it feel to be on the receiving end?

(*mantle manipulation - causing an earthquake is very simple.. use deep penetration radio waves to super-heat subterranian water and something is going to move.. shallow quakes are a tell-tale sign)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One last update...

The data is beginning to show the great HAARP heat-ray attack on Texas has ended (for at least 2011).  In the data above, note that the ability to maintain the elevated base heat ended on 8/12 (actually it looks like the trendline may have begun on 8/11).  Maintaining the elevated base temperature is key to maintaining the heat bubble.  Collecting together the timeline of events for the last 2 weeks, it makes one wonder if Perry's Rally was successful after all (despite media's mocking of his prayer for rain).  

HAARP has clearly lost control.  The sunspot charged the ionosphere to the point where their 'gentle hand' approach was no longer effective, that they risked major equipment damage, and their heavy handed attempt to regain control failed to do anything but churn up the atmosphere and actually cause spontaneous rainfall.

It is with this I must say adeu.  So far, this site has remained off the major search engines and I have been watching the traffic closely.  Soon, this site will be discovered and they will either take it down, or monitor it to determine who is administering it.  If discovered, they would also discover my sources as well, so I have risked enough already.

Spread the word.  Cross link this site whenever possible.  What happened in Texas could happen anywhere and people need to know.


Monday, August 15, 2011

MEDUSA - an offshoot of HAARP mind control expirements?

I came across this article (HERE) about MEDUSA, the Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio.  I remember that part of Jessie Ventura's show where he discusses projected audio and HAARP and these technologies seem to be the same.  Its funny how they gafawed Jessie for suggesting such technology was possible.. but here it is.  Makes you wonder who can be trusted anymore.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Animal Effects of Obama's HAARP Heat Ray

I received this email from a colleague who has a ranch near San Antonio.  I think you'll find it illuminating:
I loved your analysis of the Thursday night/Friday morning HAARP outage.  I wanted to add a few things I've observed here in San Antonio.  I watched the Jessie Ventura segment about HAARP and it struck me that I believe I'm observing animal effects.  It seams to affect smaller animals more than larger.  The horses and cattle have, for the most part, been normal (horses shedding a bit more than normal).  However, the HAARP radiation seems to be having a pronounced effect on the chickens and dogs.  I've attached a few pictures for you to show what I mean.

 This chicken is missing a third of its feathers.  They lost their feathers as normal when they began molting in the fall, but instead of growing a full set of new feathers, they look like this.  At first we thought it was mites, but we've exterminated and inspected them and there are no mites. Apparently they keep picking at their feathers like they're itching but for no apparent reason.
Same goes for the dog.  He's nipped himself bald in spots chasing imaginary fleas.

This whole phenomenon seems to be like Meth Mites, where meth addicts pick at their skin because imaginary bugs are under the skin.  Do you think HAARP's radiation could be causing them to feel imaginary bugs?
Something else I've noticed since Friday was that we've been seeing unexplained power fluctuations.  Our power went out for no reason last night, and a number of businesses are having problems with breakers tripping for no reason and flickering lights.   The weather has been unusually disturbed and, Praise God, we got a little rain yesterday out of the blue.  It looked like we might get some today.  No actual storm fronts, just thunder-bumpers popping up at random.
Call me wierd, but I swear clouds had a vague purpleish glow. 
Indeed, as they said on Bill and Ted's adventure, "strange things are afoot at the Circle K" and I think I have the answer.  The "outage" at HAARP Thursday night was not for maintenance, it was forced.  The reason was, according to my source, they've been receiving a feedback threatening to destroy the antenna array.

This makes perfect sense.  Back on the 10th, a massive sunspot erupted on the sun ( and is just now rotating away from earth.  If HAARP was pumping electromagnetic radiation into the ionosphere to create their heat bubble over Texas, then it stands to reason that this sunspot would ALSO inject energy into the same stratospheric space but on a scale HAARP could but dream to achieve.
All this energy would look for a place to discharge and, under normal circumstances, would follow the magnetic lines to the poles. However, HAARP has created an ionized channel back to them.

To understand this, I'm sure you've seen lightning strike the same place twice with a double strike, with a half second between them.  The second discharge follows the ionized path of the first.  So, in essence, HAARP's maniuplation created a path of discharge back to their antenna array.  They had to shut the array down before it got blasted.

The sunspot rotated away on the 12th, and now HAARP is pumping extra power trying to recover the heat bubble the lost when they had to perform the emergency shut-down.  The result is interference with electrical and radio signals, and perhaps even some northern lights.  Stay tuned.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Proven! Evidence for HAARP weather manipulation in Texas

The 8/12 experiment was a success!  Knowing HAARP would be down (see previous post) we were able to observe Texas weather patterns for discernible responses to a change in stimulus. 

In the illustration above, I have plotted the "Great Circle" course from HAARP to Texas.  Most maps are Cartesian projections onto a flat grid.  Since the earth is round, not flat, then landmasses must be warped to fit the flat grid.  For example, if you look at a map of the world, one would think the shortest distance from San Francisco to Japan would be straight across the pacific.  This is an illusion produced by the projection.  The actual most direct route goes up along Alaska, down along the coast of Russia and approaches Japan from the North-East.   So, the first step in proving an association between HAARP and Texas heat is to establish the route the heat ray would have to hit Texas from. 

Assuming that HAARP is shooting a heat ray at Texas, one would expect that if that heat ray were turned off, any changes would be observed along the line that the heat ray would be hitting.  For example, if the heat ray targeted Houston, one would expect to see evidence in Houston.

What we observed from last night's weather was that sudden spontaneous rainstorms appeared along a line that exactly matches the line back from Texas to HAARP.

One might wonder why the ray is targeted along the border.  One conjecture is that it is because this portion of Texas is least populated and the chance of detection minimal.  If the ray were to target a line going through Austin and Houston, the high-power transmission would likely be detected by sensitive equipment at NASA and other facilities.

Weather in Texas moves from West to East, so it is sufficient to create a heat fence along western Texas to prevent rain and create a heat sync in the center of the state.

Some say weather manipulation is impossible.  Looking at figure 1 above, that would seem to be true as the power needed to instantly influence weather grows exponentially as the desired effect increases.  However, what we need to be looking at is the cumulative effect.  The drought began back in November of 2010 and didn't hit its peak until June.  All they had to do was constantly add a little heat into the environment while blocking the normal mechanisms that would have vented it.  The result would inevitably be a drought and torturous heat wave.

Proven!  During the outage, the resulting effects observed in Texas exactly match the expectations.

Further, observe the radar samples below and note that, unlike a natural storm front, these storms developed spontaneously along the line, did not move away from it, and dissipated along the line.  This not a natural phenomenon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chance for rain tonight!

According to a knowledgeable source in Alaska, the engineers will have to take HAARP down from 10:00 pm (Central) until 2:00am, meaning there is an opportunity to search for evidence of the heat ray.  The weather forecast suddenly shows a  slight (20%) chance of storms (perhaps strong) during those hours as the heat ray is not functioning.  We can only hope for rain, but it begs the question: Is the meteorological service 'in' on the operations of HAARP, providing cover for them?  It does seem a bit convenient.

BREAKING!!!  HAARP circle detected over Arkansas.. yet more evidence that HAARP is manipulating weather to pull rain away from Texas.

The NOAA projection for 2012 might be tipping HAARP's hand.  It looks like the wrath of HAARP will be redirected to Arizona - probably because they've appealed to the Supreme Court about their illegal immigration law.

Inquiring minds wonder about the targeting of Florida.  Perhaps it is to remind them to not have a repeat of Gore's loss in 2000..  Vote Democrat or FRY.  Democracy in action.

HAARP attack on Texas continues... Good times for Obama supporters.

Climate prediction (according to NOAA) shows the heat-ray from HAARP will continue to bombard Texas into the coming weeks.  Note also that Obama's friends at HAARP are working hard to give his suporters in DC and California a below-average summer temperature.

I'll bet his friends in Chicago and the midwest won't be so happy about the unintended spill-over effects.  Perhaps they'll have to cease their attack soon or suffer too many collateral casualties amongst their supporters.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

North American Weather Modification Council

Did you know that the NAWMC existed?

Take a look at their map.. according to this page, they've been directly playing with the weather in Texas since at least 2009.. and the drought began in 2010.. coincidence?

Weather modifications underway as of 2009.. note the areas of Texas.

USAF plan for "Weather as a Force Multiplier"

Back in 2001, the USAF published a roadmap for using "weather as a force multiplier"

"A high-risk, high-reward endeavor, weather-modification offers a dilemma not unlike the splitting of the atom. While some segments of society will always be reluctant to examine controversial issues such as weather-modification, the tremendous military capabilities that could result from this field are ignored at our own peril. From enhancing friendly operations or disrupting those of the enemy via small-scale tailoring of natural weather patterns to complete dominance of global communications and counterspace control, weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary."

ADV Aerospace Delivery Vehicles        DE Directed Energy

AIM Artificial Ionospheric Mirrors        GWN Global Weather Network    
CHEM Chemicals
SC Smart Clouds (nanotechnology)      
CBD Carbon Black Dust                SENSORS Sensors

COMM Communications                     VR WX Virtual Weather

COMP MOD Computer Modeling      WFSE Weather Force Support Element

* Technologies to be developed by DOD

By 2011, according to this timeline, these technologies are well into production.

The Texas Drought Conspiracy

H.A.A.R.P ( is already known for their weather control experiments (  


The drought in Texas is now worse than any on record, and a record number of consistent heat days, and people are beginning to wonder why.  The weather experts keep blaming La Niña, but if you examine the drought map above, the pattern doesn't show La Niña.  More likely, it indicates some sort of force-field keeping Texas hot and preventing rain.

In a nation of fiscal horror stories, Texas remains a shining star and Governor Perry is quick to point that out - something that has been a consistent irritant to Obama.  The timing of the drought itself many find suspicious, as it began after the Democrats received a drumming in the 2010 election and has been unrelenting ever since.  Coincidence?  Many Texans think not.

Considering Obama's well established animosity towards Texas (snubs against the Texas Governor, denial of aid to ranchers hit by huge wildfires because of *his* drought, the denial of any retired Space Shuttle for the museum in Houston (Space Center Houston) despite Houston's historic association with the space program, etc.) is it surprising that a growing number of people in Texas are giving creedence to the idea that Obama is specifically targeting Texas using the military's H.A.A.R.P. weather control weapon?