Friday, August 12, 2011

Proven! Evidence for HAARP weather manipulation in Texas

The 8/12 experiment was a success!  Knowing HAARP would be down (see previous post) we were able to observe Texas weather patterns for discernible responses to a change in stimulus. 

In the illustration above, I have plotted the "Great Circle" course from HAARP to Texas.  Most maps are Cartesian projections onto a flat grid.  Since the earth is round, not flat, then landmasses must be warped to fit the flat grid.  For example, if you look at a map of the world, one would think the shortest distance from San Francisco to Japan would be straight across the pacific.  This is an illusion produced by the projection.  The actual most direct route goes up along Alaska, down along the coast of Russia and approaches Japan from the North-East.   So, the first step in proving an association between HAARP and Texas heat is to establish the route the heat ray would have to hit Texas from. 

Assuming that HAARP is shooting a heat ray at Texas, one would expect that if that heat ray were turned off, any changes would be observed along the line that the heat ray would be hitting.  For example, if the heat ray targeted Houston, one would expect to see evidence in Houston.

What we observed from last night's weather was that sudden spontaneous rainstorms appeared along a line that exactly matches the line back from Texas to HAARP.

One might wonder why the ray is targeted along the border.  One conjecture is that it is because this portion of Texas is least populated and the chance of detection minimal.  If the ray were to target a line going through Austin and Houston, the high-power transmission would likely be detected by sensitive equipment at NASA and other facilities.

Weather in Texas moves from West to East, so it is sufficient to create a heat fence along western Texas to prevent rain and create a heat sync in the center of the state.

Some say weather manipulation is impossible.  Looking at figure 1 above, that would seem to be true as the power needed to instantly influence weather grows exponentially as the desired effect increases.  However, what we need to be looking at is the cumulative effect.  The drought began back in November of 2010 and didn't hit its peak until June.  All they had to do was constantly add a little heat into the environment while blocking the normal mechanisms that would have vented it.  The result would inevitably be a drought and torturous heat wave.

Proven!  During the outage, the resulting effects observed in Texas exactly match the expectations.

Further, observe the radar samples below and note that, unlike a natural storm front, these storms developed spontaneously along the line, did not move away from it, and dissipated along the line.  This not a natural phenomenon.

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