Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One last update...

The data is beginning to show the great HAARP heat-ray attack on Texas has ended (for at least 2011).  In the data above, note that the ability to maintain the elevated base heat ended on 8/12 (actually it looks like the trendline may have begun on 8/11).  Maintaining the elevated base temperature is key to maintaining the heat bubble.  Collecting together the timeline of events for the last 2 weeks, it makes one wonder if Perry's Rally was successful after all (despite media's mocking of his prayer for rain).  

HAARP has clearly lost control.  The sunspot charged the ionosphere to the point where their 'gentle hand' approach was no longer effective, that they risked major equipment damage, and their heavy handed attempt to regain control failed to do anything but churn up the atmosphere and actually cause spontaneous rainfall.

It is with this I must say adeu.  So far, this site has remained off the major search engines and I have been watching the traffic closely.  Soon, this site will be discovered and they will either take it down, or monitor it to determine who is administering it.  If discovered, they would also discover my sources as well, so I have risked enough already.

Spread the word.  Cross link this site whenever possible.  What happened in Texas could happen anywhere and people need to know.


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