Sunday, August 14, 2011

Animal Effects of Obama's HAARP Heat Ray

I received this email from a colleague who has a ranch near San Antonio.  I think you'll find it illuminating:
I loved your analysis of the Thursday night/Friday morning HAARP outage.  I wanted to add a few things I've observed here in San Antonio.  I watched the Jessie Ventura segment about HAARP and it struck me that I believe I'm observing animal effects.  It seams to affect smaller animals more than larger.  The horses and cattle have, for the most part, been normal (horses shedding a bit more than normal).  However, the HAARP radiation seems to be having a pronounced effect on the chickens and dogs.  I've attached a few pictures for you to show what I mean.

 This chicken is missing a third of its feathers.  They lost their feathers as normal when they began molting in the fall, but instead of growing a full set of new feathers, they look like this.  At first we thought it was mites, but we've exterminated and inspected them and there are no mites. Apparently they keep picking at their feathers like they're itching but for no apparent reason.
Same goes for the dog.  He's nipped himself bald in spots chasing imaginary fleas.

This whole phenomenon seems to be like Meth Mites, where meth addicts pick at their skin because imaginary bugs are under the skin.  Do you think HAARP's radiation could be causing them to feel imaginary bugs?
Something else I've noticed since Friday was that we've been seeing unexplained power fluctuations.  Our power went out for no reason last night, and a number of businesses are having problems with breakers tripping for no reason and flickering lights.   The weather has been unusually disturbed and, Praise God, we got a little rain yesterday out of the blue.  It looked like we might get some today.  No actual storm fronts, just thunder-bumpers popping up at random.
Call me wierd, but I swear clouds had a vague purpleish glow. 
Indeed, as they said on Bill and Ted's adventure, "strange things are afoot at the Circle K" and I think I have the answer.  The "outage" at HAARP Thursday night was not for maintenance, it was forced.  The reason was, according to my source, they've been receiving a feedback threatening to destroy the antenna array.

This makes perfect sense.  Back on the 10th, a massive sunspot erupted on the sun ( and is just now rotating away from earth.  If HAARP was pumping electromagnetic radiation into the ionosphere to create their heat bubble over Texas, then it stands to reason that this sunspot would ALSO inject energy into the same stratospheric space but on a scale HAARP could but dream to achieve.
All this energy would look for a place to discharge and, under normal circumstances, would follow the magnetic lines to the poles. However, HAARP has created an ionized channel back to them.

To understand this, I'm sure you've seen lightning strike the same place twice with a double strike, with a half second between them.  The second discharge follows the ionized path of the first.  So, in essence, HAARP's maniuplation created a path of discharge back to their antenna array.  They had to shut the array down before it got blasted.

The sunspot rotated away on the 12th, and now HAARP is pumping extra power trying to recover the heat bubble the lost when they had to perform the emergency shut-down.  The result is interference with electrical and radio signals, and perhaps even some northern lights.  Stay tuned.

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