Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"The Truth is out there!"

How much more evidence do you need?  HAARP is so confident they can dismiss any criticism, they leave the data right there in the open.

Also, take a look at this video... ( correlate what she caught in her analysis with what I was telling you at the same time (8/15/2011).  In the succeeding week, while Irene was running up the east coast, Texas suddenly experiences the hottest days all summer.   I also received this from my friend in Texas...

Just wanted to give you a quick update.  Over the weekend it got hot.. really hot.  What is new is that I'm seeing huge (hundreds of feet tall) 'dust devils'.  You can see them from miles away.  They look like strange smoke plumes (they go straight up and don't drift like smoke) from a distance but when you get close you see what at first you think is a brush pile burning, and then you realize its not fire, its an intenst whirlwind picking up the dirt.
Of course, we have dust devils when its hot, that's not unusual.  What is HIGHLY unusual is that they don't move.  I've observed ten so far that were still intact when I drove to their location and they don't move.. they just go away after 10 minutes or more.  A usual dust-devil is like the swirl made behind a canoe.. the vortex spins along a path until it looses its energy and disappears.  These dirt-devils should be dancing across the prarie.. not stationary.  That's simply NOT natural!
Its also not natural for them to look like tornadoes.  The 'smoke' column I see in the distance is the actual funnel of the dust devil.  There is no telling how high the eddie goes up into the sky because you lose the column in the bright blue cloudless sky.  I don't usually see a dust devil taller than 40 feet!
I've been trying to catch them today on film, but they seem to be dissolving much faster than this weekend and by the time I get there, the column is too faint to show up clearly in a picture.  If I get a video or pic, I'll send it.   Take care.. you'll be freezing your backside soon enough up there.
And so it goes.....

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