Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not a bubble - a Defense Shield

At great risk, I will attempt this entry as this is too important to miss.  What is pictured here is a defense shield.. a similar shield was being constructed north of Tokyo to defend Japan against HAARP weather manipulation and mantle manipulation*, and they had a convenient earthquake that took their reactor offline (talk about collateral damage!) - the very reactor which would power their defense shield - before they could activate it.

A similar shield was tested within the US in California with a similar visual artifact.
Bejing was apparently able to build a similar defense shield against HAARP in secret and activated it (right after Biden's return.. I wonder what he said to alarm them) to prevent another convienient earthquake!

If we, on the project, were unaware of the Chinese development of the defense shield, could we also be unaware of a co-development of their own HAARP weapon?  Could the earthquake in Colorado and Virginia be them simply ranging in their own HAARP.. preparing to 'fire for effect' on the eastern seaboard?  Will we be blackmailed with our own technology?!?

I ask you to examine the facts.  Look at the USGS maps for the earthquakes and ask yourself these questions..
1) Why are all the quakes centralized on the same location?
2) Why are there so few aftershocks?
3) Why don't the aftershocks that do occur happen along a fault line instead of one on top of the other?

If these questions don't disturb you.. go back to sleep.

It was all good fun to torment Texas.. how will it feel to be on the receiving end?

(*mantle manipulation - causing an earthquake is very simple.. use deep penetration radio waves to super-heat subterranian water and something is going to move.. shallow quakes are a tell-tale sign)

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