Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rain in Central Texas for a change

There seems to be this myth among those who don't live in Texas that Texas is up to its arse in rain.  Below Austin, there has been almost no rain in 3 months (about the same time the Iranians drought started - coincidence?).  In north Texas we've been experiencing some periodic rain, but nothing that would end the drought.

Friends in South Texas have been holding their breath for rain because they didn't really believe the drought was over.. at least not until January when the HAARP madness can be stopped once and for all.

Now the nation, and the world, will pay for this abusive weather control.  The corn crop is a dismal failure.  This will make things difficult in the domestic market, but globally the food-aid programs are heavily dependent on surplus corn and other grain production in the USA.

Manipulating the weather to punish political opponents is reckless and irresponsible.  One has to wonder how a recipient of the Peace Price would engage in such activities?

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