Saturday, October 27, 2012

Obama's October Surprise?

Could Hurricane Sandy be Obama's October Surprise?

Is it me, or does anyone find this VERY UNUSUAL storm a bit convenient for a President, who's facing a Carter-esque humiliating drumming in November, who has his finger on the trigger of the HAARP weather weapon, who has had no respect for his own citizens and has used his HAARP weapon domestically for his own political objective?

A hurricane this time of year is very unusual.  One that makes landfall, especially along the east coast, is even more unusual no matter what time of year.  One this time of year, making landfall along the east coast, which also happens to happen during a highly contested election targeting 20 million DEMOCRAT voters?  Do the math and its very fishy.

Imagine this scenario.  Just a week shy of the election this freak hurricane plows into the largest population center.  Massive power outages.  Road closings due to flooding.  How could the Founding Fathers have anticipated this scenario and how can we disenfranchise millions of voters, so Obama will simply use it as a ruse to 'delay' the elections until he can just declare himself King.

Don't think it can happen?  Obama will never surrender power, its not in his nature.

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